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The CYNSCH team are experts in all facets of marketing, from branding to strategy, from content to paid advertising, from KPIs to SEO. We create real, tangible results for our clients in ecommerce, SaaS, apps and services. 

Whether you need a one-month engagement to set your course, or whether you're looking for a longer-term outsourced CMO, we've got a solution that will work for your startup's stage, needs and budget.

Check out a few of our customer successes, and give us a call today to learn how we can do the same for you. 


Ecommerce Startup


CYNSCH worked with an early stage ecommerce startup to develop their branding, content marketing strategy, paid advertising strategy, SEO, and KPIs.

Upon the completion of the initial setup engagement, the CYNSCH team remained a part of the team for 12 months, helping generate millions of dollars of revenue through SEO, content, paid Facebook advertising, and social media. 

Deliverables included:

Brand development and Visual Identity design

Creation of "brand voice" 

Persona creation for target customers

Website design and implementation

Social Media account creation and management

Blog Editorial Calendar and Content Creation

Facebook Ads creation, management and measurement

Pinterest and Instagram strategies and brand standards

Product Lookbook design and creation



  • 10,000+ monthly unique visitors within first 90 days
  • Growth to over 100,000 monthly uniques
  • Top ranked Google result for 3 key search terms
  • Millions of dollars of revenue generated during engagement

  B2B Services Startup 

The CYNSCH team took this early stage startup's marketing from a one-page website to a fully featured brand, positioning them as the undisputed leaders in their space. This engagement was ongoing for 18 months and produced fantastic success. 

Deliverables included: 

Website redesign and development

Rebranding, including Logo, Visual Identity, Brand Book, Mission Statement

Investor Deck messaging and design 

Content Strategy development and execution

Content Creation

Sales deck and customer-facing materials design and creation


  • Inbound leads increased from 4-6/month to an average of 35 per month
  • 15X Revenue increase  
  • $6.5M in venture capital raised

Nonprofit (Pro Bono)


The CYNSCH team was pivotal in the adoption and amplification of the #AuditTheVote social movement after the 2016 Presidential Election. The #AuditTheVote hashtag was adopted and magnified by public figures, elected officials, and tens of thousands of private citizens.

Deliverables included: 

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Execution

Influencer Outreach

KPI Measurement

Multi-channel Content Creation

Partnering across the aisle with Independents and Republicans to drive change


  • Over 1 Billion unique impressions
  • Over 25,000 unique Tweets
  • Vote recounts launched in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania 
  • Pending vote recount in Florida
  • $7.2M in donations from private citizens

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