CYNSCH is a new kind of marketing partner. We're startup veterans with real world digital marketing expertise. So you can focus on building your product, and leave the marketing to us.




For early stage startups, creating your brand is often an afterthought. But understanding who you are, why your company exists, and what makes you different from competitors is the bedrock of your future success. We start with why, and create a story that drives revenue.



A marketing strategy that delivers real results is more than just a growth hack, or a lucky accident. Let us put our decades of experience to work creating a scalable marketing strategy that will define your goals, guide your efforts, measure your progress, and monetize your hard work. 



You've built a product, you've defined your target market, and you've outlined a strategy. Now it's time to work with our growth experts to build your customer acquisition & retention programs. From social to content, marketing automation to investor decks, we've got you covered.


Fill your funnel to overflowing.


We hear it all the time:
"We've built an awesome product, and people say they are willing to pay for it! How do we tell the story? How can we find more of them?"

At CYNSCH, we work with you to create customized marketing solutions for your unique needs. Whether you're "two guys in a garage" or you have a full team, we'll create the right approach to fit your budget and achieve your growth objectives. With our background raising millions of dollars of venture capital, we can even help tell your story to potential investors.

Our services include everything from branding to demand generation, to making content that works for you, to designing a distribution strategy that maximizes every dollar you put into it. We'll help you navigate the often-confusing world of marketing and create a monetization structure that makes sense for your business and delivers real results. 

Our flexible Jumpstart or monthly service packages will suit any startup's budget. Choose individual services, or an all in one package, for a laser-focused customized set of solutions that fill your funnel (and your bank account). 



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