Crowdfunding Campaigns that stand out from the crowd 

Creating a successful crowdfunding campaign requires a lot more than just a great idea and a quick video. At CYNSCH, we've studied the elements of successful Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns, and are ready to help you create the very best strategy. From Pre-Launch prep, to Goal Definition, Story Creation, Reward Tiers, Video Storyboards, Campaign Updates, and PR Outreach, we offer every service you need to make your crowdfunding campaign a smashing success. 


Pre-LAunch Prep

Preparing for your crowdfunding campaign makes all the difference.

We'll work with you to define your goals for the campaign, outline your strategy, gather all of your contacts, and begin to prime the market for the launch of your Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign. 

In this phase, we also begin to define the basic messaging and format of the campaign, as well as the promotional channels to utilize during the campaign. 


Defining the specific goals for your crowdfunding success is about more than just deciding how much you want to raise. Some campaigns are geared toward small initial goal raises but massive name recognition, while others are simply aimed at attaining enough capital to launch a new business, product or brand. 

We'll work with you to determine the best approach for your specific needs and market. We'll help you define who your customers will be, and we'll work together to organize lists of your existing contacts. Once you understand exactly who, we move on to what and how.

 Our 10,000 hours of experience can help you create a strategy for a winning campaign.

crowdfunding strategy


Messaging & CREATIVE

Telling a compelling story of how your product or service changes the lives of supporters is the core of any good crowdfunding effort. CYNSCH's team of marketing experts, graphic artists and experienced video creators can help define and create this messaging to make the biggest impact. 

The video is the single most important component of any successful crowdfunding campaign. Our video production partner has helped clients raise over $13M via , and has worked with some of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns in history. 

We'll also work with you to pre-write PR pitches and identify the most relevant media outlets, so that when you meet your goal, you're poised and ready to send out notifications to press. Handling press effectively can make all the difference between a successful campaign and a blowout, six figure (or more!) raise.


BAUBAX raised over $9 million dollars on Kickstarter, with the help of our video production partner. 

BAUBAX raised over $9 million dollars on Kickstarter, with the help of our video production partner.